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Quality Objective

  • Providing professional audit services with competent, fair and warmth based on standard and code of ethic of Internal Audit UTHM.
  • Conducting the audit review and analyse of University’s Financial Statement to be validated by the Audit Committee before 30th April, with reasonable assurance that the statement is prepared with true and fair view, together with sufficient and correct information presented in accordance with the regulations.
  • To perform Financial Management Audit within departments in the University which accordance with the Annual Audit Plan to ensure sufficient control environment exist in the financial management, operation and administration.
  • Carrying out Management Audit based on Annual Audit Plan upon University’s activities/programmes to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and econonomical.
  • Performing ICT audit as per Annual Audit Plan to ensure the well functioning of systems in the University with sufficient internal control mechanism.
  • Completing the Audit Report for submission within three (3) weeks of audit.
  • To present findings and report to the Audit Committee at least quarterly a year to draw attention upon reviews and recommendations to prevent future recurrences for at least 80%